Presenting you MEYRON™ rosé. This wine is made from the autochthonous Areni grape, harvested from high-altitude vineyards perched from 1250 to 1550 meters above sea level in a charming village called Rind in the Vayots Dzor region. Rose Meyron makes you fall in love with its captivating aromas and taste. The wine aroma delights with a harmonious variety of notes of garden berries and fruits with a pale salmon-pink color. The refreshing taste of wine attracts with rich and pleasant, well-balanced fruit-berry notes, refreshing acidity and delicate aftertaste bitterness. Recommended to serve with dishes of Mediterranean and Armenian national cuisines, salads and cheese.

Perfect as an aperitif. Ideal at a serving temperature of 8-10℃.

Meyron is not only a journey to the origins of civilization, but also a history of traditions.


ML: 750
Wine Composition: 100% Areni
Alcohol: 12.5%



is an enlightening adventure through time to the earliest days of civilization, connecting you to the rich Armenian culture, revealing the aroma of age-old winemaking traditions.