This wine is made from the autochthonous grape Voskehat, harvested from high-altitude vineyards perched from 1250 to 1550 meters above sea level in a charming village called Rind in the Vayots Dzor region. White Meyron makes you fall in love with its captivating aromas and fresh taste. The wine has a pale straw color, the aroma delights with notes of flint, green apple, jasmine, citrus and juicy tropical fruits. The refreshing taste of this wine is indeed pleasant, it is balanced and rich with citrus fruit as well, complemented by floral notes, vivid acidity and juicy mineral aftertaste. It is recommended to be served with fish, grilled white meat, fish platter, cold appetizers and salads with seafood.

Perfect as an aperitif.Ideal at a serving temperature of 8-10℃.

Meyron is an enlightening adventure through time to the earliest days of civilization, connecting you to the rich Armenian culture, revealing the aroma of age-old winemaking traditions.


ML: 750
Wine Composition: 100% Voskehat
Alcohol: 14.0%



Elegant and legendary wine from the highlands of Armenia, from vineyards at 1450 meters above sea level, home of civilization`s earliest known winery since 6100.